Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vault, New Found Organelles

In addition to five organelles that have been well known, researchers recently have identified sixth organelle, the vault. Vault amount 3 times compared to the ribosome, shaped like an octagonal barrel. The name of this organelle derived from the fact that the curvature of this organelle remind inventors to form dome or roof of the cathedral. A cell may have thousands vault.
Why the existence of a relatively large organelles and many of these have not known? The reason is that these organelles are not visible with ordinary staining techniques. One clue about the function of vaults is probably the aspect of-eight shape. Interestingly, the pores in the membrane that surrounds the nucleus also in terms of-eight shaped and sized similar to the vault, leading to speculation that vaults may be the "trucks" cell. According to this view, the vault will anchor themselves in the pores of the core, take the molecules are synthesized in the nucleus, and deliver their cargo to other places in the cell. An allegation that the vault might bring messenger RNA from the nucleus to sites of protein synthesis in the cytoplasm. Because vault mainly found in the cell where the actin is formed, this organelle may also be involved in cell contractile system.


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